Craving for Smart Home or Smart Office?

In today's world, smart devices are just pouring in the market and looks more or less similar
so making decision on which products / system should you buy becomes more confusing.

We make your life easier by doing hand holding to make the right choice of smart system.

We are multi brand solution provider

Choose our Smart Consultancy!!

Smart Consultancy

You Call

We are just a call away. Our representative will visit with prior appointment as per your convinent time to undestand your requirement and site survey.

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We Survey

Visiting representative will do survey of the site and submit proposal along with cost analysis for easier decision making.

You Choose

With different plans in the proposal, you can choose or our advisor will guide you to make the decision.

We Install

Honouring your decision we will make clean installation of the smart system in your home or office and will support you life long.

Your advantage

  • Different Brands of Smart Products gives you wide selection

    We house different brand under one roof. This gives our customer wide range of selection and as per their need. Being multi brand service provider, we can take care of sophistication required in making your home and office smart.

    Along with this you get support from single source and don't have to run to different vendors in case any issue arises.

  • We stick to your budget so you don't get shock

    Smart system can cost heavily and can shatter your dream of turning your home or office into a smart one. We undestand your budget limits and provide solutions according to it.

    We want every small or big, home or office to get trasformed into a smart and digitally monitored unit.

  • Comparison of product makes decision easier

    We have studied various products and system in this field of automation, this knowledge we part with our customer to fullfill their desire and make right decision.

    We suggest different alternatives or make you aware of non-compatible system or products which can have practical issue while handling them

  • One stop support for all smart devices need

    We provide supports to all kind of products. Customers face problem when they deal with multiple brands.

    Please contact our helpdesk, our first response will check your issue with 24 hours. Even if you are not our customer but facing problem, you can contact us with any issue you have with your smart automation system.

We offer expert advice on smart devices
and latest offerings

Web Application

Web Applications makes business easier to handle

Unisoft delivers web applications that are completely designed as per the requirement of our clients. Our web based application helps business users to get the right information at the right time that helps in making good business decisions.

With vast experience in designing, developing and supporting web applications for clients across the country, Unisoft is reliable “one-stop” vendor to develop yours most ambitious and complex projects.

What we deliver -

To match your business requirements and expectations, our solutions are flexible and competitive.
For high productivity and scalability we design applications with smart technology.
To reduce the total cost of ownership our applications are module wise.
We deploy, give life long ongoing support to the delivered application - it's your added advantages.

Mobile Application

Mobile Apps helps business to run on the go

Unisoft design mobile solutions for business, personal usage and productivity apps for mobile devices. We offer mobile app concepts, designing, development and also marketing services. Our mobile app developers are excellent at crafting custom-made mobile apps that gets gel or integrate perfectly into the IT infrastructure of your business.

Our technology competency covers Android, iOS and Windows Phone. We are proficient in mobile web apps with a specific focus on responsive solutions.

What we develop –

We develop autonomous productivity mobile applications
We specialize in mobile clients to support your web application or web portals
We build end-to-end mobile solutions

Association with us will be a great experience
and make your business journey much easier

Product Development

Product innovations put new life into your business

Unisoft helps you in converting your idea into design and further into schematic circuits, which ultimately leads to a great product of your choice and consumer's expectation. We have been committed to providing truly comprehensive product development services via a proven, process-driven approach. We deliver on the promise of truly seamless product development, innovation through execution.

We deliver exceptional product design, engineering, and manufacturing services for clients all across India. We give end to end solution for your ideas, from concept stage to ready box made product. We can engage at any stage of the process, from consulting and ideation, through product development and implementation. Every day we work together with our clients to turn ideas into reality. With a focus on design and functionality, we have designers and engineers that work hard to not only bring products to fruition but become an extension of your team.

IT Infra Setup

Small Office Home Office (SOHO)

Looking at the current trend, this is the new segment we have started. More and more people are making their home as their office too, so for such customer we provide IT infra setup suitable for their requirement.

Start-ups, entreprenuers, professionals, etc. can get our assitance at competitive rates.

Mid Size Office

We have been always catering to this segment. We provide all kind of IT infra setup assistance to midsize offices.

Without having your own IT department, we help you in setting up your IT hardware and software needs. Our IT Infrastructure Management Services deliver end-to-end, effective and reliable solutions that can transform your business operations.

Large Organisation

Today IT has become an integral part and connecting function of each business house which makes IT imperative to run your complex businesses.

Our complete range of solutions help you build and manage a highly dependable, secured IT infrastructure that is capable of meeting the dynamic needs of your business.