Few words about us

A company making your world smarter

Unisoft was founded in the year 1998. At Unisoft, we know our clients are the only reason for our survival. We understand how important is progress for an organisation to survive, compete & grow. Hence we believe in the progress of our clients. We not only build new relationship but also knows the importance of the long term relationship. We have preserved values that accepts IT services are supportive to any core business function and IT services are the lubricants for the smooth running of business. We have the expertise to mould the business & IT process in one channel.

We are best at keeping our customer's customer happy. If you think just giving better product or service is enough then that's the half truth. You also need to provide them with additional & accurate data about products, transaction, service schedule, reminders, cost benefit analysis, seasonal greetings and much more. We have great experience of servicing the customers of big organisations, which you can see from our some of few case studies listed here .

Unisoft is a young, dynamic organisation. It is couple of decade old organisation and so has enough maturity to understand and adopt the working style of our clients.

We adopt your way.

What we offer

  • Consultancy for smart homes & smart offices

    We guide and assist potential customers to select the right smart system for their home and office. We install and also provide life long support.

  • Software Development

    Our expert team of developers deliver robust and user friendly web & mobile applications.

  • Product Development

    We give shape to your ideas into designs and further into schematic circuits, which ultimately leads to a great product of your choice and consumer's expectation

  • IT People Management

    We manage IT resources with multi-skill sets so you can focus on your core business and leaving worries to us.

  • Setting up IT Infra

    We help small, mid size & large organisations to setup IT infra as per their business requirement and size of the organisation.

  • All Software Support

    We provide support for software applications developed by our team as well as extend support for other projects which are at any stage of development or support.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To guide and assist every corporate to bank on their vast information wealth.

To remove the burden of IT from every organisation so that they can concentrate on their core business.

To make every organisation effective and efficient so that those companies can achieve their ultimate goals.

Our Mission

To acheive the vision of our organisation by year 2025.

To be competitive & innovative to reach the milestone in time.

Team Unisoft

We are committed to deliver

Unisoft has team of professionals from various fields of operation and different industry verticles that will help corporates to get benefitted from their vast experience in their respective domain. These professionals are capable of planning, designning, developing, implementing and supporting all size of information management projects.

Every leader in this organisation have experience of more than 15 years in IT industry. They have backgrounds from major FMCG, Petroleum, Solar, Communication, Electronics industries. Domain coverage of the leaders are equally vast - eCRM, eCommerce, Logistics, Advertising & Promotion, Web portals, Mobile Application, Inventory Management, Finance, IT infrastructure, ERP, machine interface (SCADA), etc. Along with this they are also good at business management, resource handling, project management and innovations.

In so many years team has very well executed various projects in the area of ERP implementation and support, web application design and development, mobile application development, IT resource deployment, IT Infrastructure setup, backoffice support operations for various clients of Unisoft.